Stage 1st: The establishment of Jingjiang Measuring Tools Factory (1958.09 - 1972)

1958.09 Jishi Xiuhua (Embroidery) Factory founded;
1963.02 Jishi Xiuhua Factory and Jishi Chemical Works merged and became Jishi Commodity Works.
1970 Jishi Commodity Works renamed as Jishi Measuring Tools Factory, which belong to Jingjiang Industry Bureau.
Begin to manufacture Vernier Calipers.
Trade Mark "Torch" regestered.

Jishi Measuring Tools Factory renamed as Jingjiang Measuring Tools Factory (JMTF).
Assets: 219,200 RMB YUAN
Staff: 195
Output: 8400 pcs of Vernier Calipers
Production value: 355,700 RMB YUAN

Stage 2nd: The growth of Jingjiang Measuring Tools Factory (1973 - 1987.06)

1976 1976, JMTF was appointed as one of the special manufacture base of Vernier Caliper by the China National Mechanical Industrial Department.
1979.04 Linghuan Trade Mark "Linghuan Brand" registered.
1980 Total Quality Control (TQC) was carried out.
Produced Vernier Caliper 26,900 pcs.
Part of them exported to East Germany. It is the first development in world market.
1982.11 Because of the best quality, JMTF's Linghuan Brand "Linghuan Brand" Vernier Caliper won the first place in the National Competition of Vernier Caliper.
1983 Some new products, such as Stainless Vernier Caliper, Parallax-free Vernier Caliper (Assorted), ⅡType Vernier Caliper, and Dial Caliper.
1983.10 Linghuan Brand Vernier Caliper 0-150mm won the title of "High Quality Product of Jiangsu Province"
1983.11 Linghuan Brand won the title "High Quality Product of China National Mechanical Industrial Department"

JMTF become the Certificated Measuring Enterprise (Degree 2), and get the first Export License in the measuring industry in China.
Assets: 2,174,000 RMB YUAN
Staff: 428
Product Output: 103,300 pcs
Production value: 2,715,600 RMB YUAN

1985.05 Adopt the ISO standard in production and inspection. What was certificated by the China National Mechanical Industrial Department with "Certificate of the Inspection for Using ISO Standard on Eletromachanical Products"
1986.05 Linghuan Brand Vernier Caliper 0-200mm wins the title of High Quality Product of Jiangsu Province.

Stage 3rd: Joint-invested Jingjiang Measuring Tools Co., Ltd. (1987.07 - 2000.06)

1987.06.03 Jingjiang Measuring Tools Co., Ltd (JMTC) was organized with three joint-invested partied: Zhong Shan Co., Ltd (Hongkong)(with 25% equity), Zhong She Jiangsu Machinery & Equipment Import and Export Co., Ltd(with 5% equity), and Jingjiang Measuring Tools Factory (JMTF) (with 70% equity).
This year, JMTC purchased some advanced techniques and equipments from inland and abroad, such as: the Slow-feeding Power Grinding, The Laser Marking Systems and Ammonia Protect Automatic Harden Furnace. Carry out her first great technical reform.
1989.07 Linghuan Brand "Linhuan Brand" Vernier Caliper won 1st place in the national trade competition with her super quality again.
1997.12 JMTC was certificated with her Quality System ISO9001.
1998.08 JMTC was certificated by UKAS QUALITY MANAGEMENT.
70% of all JMTC's products are exported and sold in countries located in European, America, and Asia.

Step 4th: Jingjiang Measuring Tools Co., Ltd (JMTC)( Equity System Reformed since 2000.7)

2000.07-10 The main member JMTF(who own 70 equity of the company) of JMTC experienced a system reform in equity, the most state property in JMTF was transferred to private property (owned by company management and part of the staff). In this reform, JMTF was transformed to Jingjiang Linghuan Measuring Tools Co., Ltd (JLMTC).
2002.02—07 "JLMTC execute system reform "Three Replacement And One Guarantee". In this reform, the state property entirely quitted and replaced by the private equity, the holders construction was further optimized. The statuses of the staff were all replaced. And the usage right of State-owned land for 50 years also be bought by JLMTC.

2002.12 - 2005.11

JLMTC was in the execution of technology renovations like enhancement of quantity & quality of the measuring tools that were going abroad. A total investment of 15 million RMB yuan had gone with the renovations, which brought in more advanced and more suitable work flows and guaranteed the improvement of product quality and production capacity.

Step 5th: Be a member of HEXAGON GROUP (2006.01 - now)

2006.01 HEXAGON GROUP acquired 30% equity share of JMTC by cash from their original partners: "Linghuan Co., Ltd." (5%) and “Zhongshan Hongkong Co., Ltd” (25%), then become the new foreign share holder of JMTC.
2007.07 HEXAGON GROUP increased to 90% equityy share of JMTC, therefore, JMTC became one of the members of Hexagon Group who is a world class engineering technology Company, and has multinational companies located in more than 30 countries.
According to the “JV Contract” and “ARTICLES OF ASSOCIATION”, JMTC will still follow the idea of globalize of world economy, to keep and develop the business relationship.

General Profile of JMTC in 2013:

Land Coverage: 39296 square meters;
Building Coverage: 19959 square meters
Total Assets: 87.04 million CNY 
Head count: 550
Sales Records: Index of production, consumption, profit, tax and technology investment had respectively achieved the scheming issued by HEXAGON Group


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